My name is irrelevant, I am yet another speck of dust wandering through the air in pursuit of origin. The soul purpose of this journal is to share my experience in the universe: to share my health, my musings, my travels, my diet, my love, and my life.

This blog is no longer solely devoted to fitness and health food ( although I will frequent it still). Rather, I have decided to be more inclusive of emotions, and creativity.

Post workout smoothie:

I must say despite feeling double the size, I feel pretty power fitness wise today. I cycled to the gym, worked out hard for an hour and the cycled back home. The ride there was real easy, but the way back made me legs throb. All of my body is in a state of DOMS, and you know what? I LOVE IT.

So yeah back to the smoothie.. it was:

3 ripe nectarines

3 very small bananas

3 dates

sprinkle of raw cacao nibs

ice & water.

AND IT WAS NECTARY GOOODNESS I TELL YOU. Definitely one of my favourite combos.

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